Wine Tasting Your Way

Going on your first wine tasting adventure this weekend? WineriesNW has compiled some tips for wine tasting beginners concerned about looking like newbies when stepping into the tasting room.


1)   Take in the tasting room and ambiance of the whole winery. Often the best part of the tasting experience is living the surroundings, not just tasting the wine.

2)   When tasting different wines, try to compare the flavors without any information on the suggested flavors within the wine. We find that this keeps biased opinions at bay and allows the consumer to develop their own tastes not someone elses.

3)   Take in the whole range of sensory experience. The wine should first be looked at for color and opacity, then you can gently swirl and smell, finally, give it a taste. This isn’t to say that the wine police will come find you if these steps are not all followed, however, to fully experience wine give these steps a try.

4)   Remember wine is a drinkable art and it should be treated as such. Tasters don’t need to analyze every sip. Find the balance between wine tasting and just drinking. Understand the wine for the great process it took to create it.

5)   Tasting fees are common. Don’t be alarmed! Many wineries deduct tasting fees off any wine bottle purchases you make.

6)   Have Fun!! Remember wine brings together friends and family and it should be enjoyed as such. Enjoy yourself while expanding your wine palate.


Wine Tasting